My Recommendation for an Oil Tank Scan or Removal

With 26 years of extensive industry experience and a highly motivated and qualified staff, Tanktech offers services throughout British Columbia.

Tanktech can provide expertise in the safe removal and abandonment of storage tanks, oil/water recovery, site and soil remediation, waste water treatment, emergency spill response, demolition, confined space issues, miscellaneous earthwork, underground services, drainage, tank locating and engineering consultants.

Tanktech is a certified member of the Petroleum Tank Management Association. We are fully licensed and insured and all our employees are covered under Worksafe BC, trained in WHIMIS and the Transportation of Dangerous Goods. Tanktech is also a proud member of the BBB.

Tanktech will ensure an effective solution to waste generators, offering payment flexibility combined with professional customer service while working within strict compliance of all provincial and municipal laws and regulations.

Our client list includes residential, commercial and industrial property owners, oil and gas companies, fire departments, municipalities, cities, districts and villages, as well as a variety of contractors, real estate professionals, insurance companies, law firms and financial institutions.

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